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Detail Section Showing up blank in print layout

Need help figuring this out please.. 

In Detail Section 1 we have &picture, a formula for qty, and formula for description (photo A) and we used the filter criteria from one of the QuoteWerks Sample layers (photo ex. B). The layout works great but only when the product includes a picture (photo ex. C). When the product does not include a picture the quote layout shows up blank (photo ex. D). 

How do i fix this? We need it so that if a product doesn't include a picture it still formats correctly... 


Photo ex A


Photo ex B


Photo ex C


Photo ex D

Try adding another Details Section to the Layout with the same Filter except "documentitems->lineattributeprintpicture=0" instead of "documentitems->lineattributeprintpicture"

Oh... any copy the Quantity & Description formulae down from the Detail Section 1.

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