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Unit Price is greater than Unit List Layout Filter

We have a layout format to show List/Unit/Ext to use at times when a discount is applied.  However, in some areas there is an increase on services which is above the List and we do not want a lower List price to appear on the quote.  I am trying to write a filter to hide or exclude the List Price if it is less than the Unit Price, but it is not working.

Is there another solution in practice for this situation or has anyone ever written a formula that works?

"DocumentItems->UnitList<DocumentItems->UnitPrice" as a Filter on the Detail Section should cause the Line Item not to be outputted but not that this could cause a discrepancy between the total of Line Items versus the SubTotal. I am not sure that this would be desirable...?

".if.DocumentItems->UnitList<DocumentItems->UnitPrice.then."".else."£"+ToText(DocumentItems->UnitList, 2)" would work as a Formula - if Unit List is less than Unit Price, then display nothing, else display Unit List.

Hope this helps.

I will try this!  Thank you!

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