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Replicate "ItemType.Something.Totals" from Word Template into QW Layout Designer

So, in a Word template, I can do:

This gives me a total extended price of all items of type "Something"....

How do I do this in the Layout Designer???

You can't do this in quite the same way, you'd need to use a QuoteWerks Summary Line Type or similar.

Thanks Matt. I am new to the designer so I am not sure where to begin with a Summary Line Type. Would this be some form of a formula field?

If a picture = 1000 words, hopefully a video is much more; see attached.

The layout designer is incredibly powerful and I enjoy working with it; opens many more options than the Word layout designer (in my experience); but the .Totals. bit is one thing (the only thing I find) it doesn't quite do as well. 

You can format this summary line so it looks very different from any other line.


Matt that video is awesome! Thanks for that. So, could I then just pull the price into my design? See my image below. I would just want to output the value of the summary line.

In this case my two summary lines would be "Site" and "User" and then displayed on the third row of the table below.... (this is how it looks in Word..So trying to figure out how to just pull that number in now in Layout Designer.)


You wouldn't be able to match this exactly, but could do something like the attached....

Please note I've just thrown this together and doesn't look very appealing, but does get all the numbers you want/

The Contract Term/Date are in a Report Header

The Summaries are in a detail section filtered for summary lines.

(97.4 KB)

Thanks Matt

Hmmm... Pretty frustrating... :\

I couldn't use logic in the Word Template in order to handle some tables / rows / etc.

But now I can't just pop the "Cost for Users" total into a table cell....

I really don't want to have to completely rework our SOW layouts. :\

I've often had a script created to fulfil this purpose.

As long as there's logic (like 'add up the total of 'Somethings' and pop that into a custom field') we can automate that so it looks like a native part of QuoteWerks.

Typically, an hour to have a script written saves many hours of fighting with layouts!

Hi Kevin ~

I just want to totally understand what you are looking for.  In the FPC layout, you are looking to have the Total Extended Price of all items with a specific value in a field?  And, if so, are you looking to have this displayed in the footer of your layout?

Hi Cat. In our Statements of Work we have User pricing and Site pricing.

We present at the top the total "Site" price and the total "User" pricing.

Here is a sample:


So, all of my "User" line items in QW have the word "User" in the CustomText01 field.

My "Site" line items in QW have the word "Site" in the same field.

I want to grab and display the total Extended Price of all items with CustomText01 set to "User" and then do the same for all items that have CustomText01 set to "Site"....

Hi Kevin,

You can do that in the footer super easily (I have one of my team sending you the steps in the ticket) but not in the header in the layout.  

To do it in the Header, you would need a script to pop the totals into one of the custom header fields like Matt had mentioned.  

Hello Cat,

I am also trying to create in the footer area of a word proposal format separate subtotals based on the itemtype of the document item.

More specifically,  a subtotal of Materials, Labor and Other. Tax and the Grandtotal would remain the same. I can do it using the summary line filter but prefer to show it in the footer section.

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