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Add mrc section subtotal to quote_default.fpc

I'm using the Quote Default template and need to add some kind of Section Subtotal only for the recurring items.  I'm hoping to show this recurring subtotal in each section that has monthly recurring items.  I can get the recurring total to show, but not per section.

If you use section headers, then you can specifically add Summary Lines that total the recurring values:

I didn't think of that!  I'll give that a try.


Could you use a summary line?


(163 KB)

This is not really possible with native QW.

Subtotaling recurring items isn't really a concept QW 'gets' within sections of a quote.

The only way to really do it is to have a script that takes the values of recurring items and puts them in a CustomField on a Subtotal line.

This then falls over in QuoteValet if you're presenting options (unless we got really clever with Javascript)

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