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Formula Help please

So I looked and I couldn't find a data field box for the Total. I tried Subtotal but that does not add shipping or tax into it. I decided to try a formula to add it together and i came up with this:


However, for some reason its adding $50 to it when it shouldn't. For instance, right now i have 4 items on my test quote that adds up to $1840. With my $25 shipping fee it goes to $1865. I have no deposit required. However, the calculation from my formula displays $1915

Okay so i found the GrandTotal data field. I must have overlooked it numerous times

Thanks. I would still like to know how my formula was wrong though

Hi Corey, 

The .Total-Of. function in QuoteWerks Print Layouts performs a similar function to the Total value type on a field (right click the field in the Print Layout, select 'Format', and change the Summarization Type to 'Total') in that it will multiply certain values based on the number of line items on your quote - it does this, because it should only be used to provide Document Level totals of an Item Level field - as an example - if you were to use the 'DI_ExtendedPrice' field value (giving you the extended price of the line items on the document) and use that field in a Report Footer section, you would want to set the Summarization type to 'Total', which would then add each line item from the quote, and give the total value.

When working with DocumentHeader level fields in a Report Footer, you'd not want to use the Summarization type of 'Total', as those fields are already calculated values on the entire document. Because your formula is adding the documentheader values for the ShippingAmount, DepositAmount, and Subtotal fields, you'd want to eliminate the ".Total-Of." from your formula - otherwise, everything else was set up correctly. 

So, the formula you'd want to use in your Report Footer section (if you weren't utilizing the 'DH_GrandTotal' field) would be:


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