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Automatically do not print items with a 0 quantity

Is there a setting to not print items with a 0 quantity?  I know I can use line attributes to selectively do this and we do that but would prefer the 0 quantity option as it is simply faster and easier to train.

We have a long list of items in a template and go back and forth with the customer on which items to include in the final quote.  Messing with the attributes or deleting/adding products is cumbersome.



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You can control this easily enough on a QuoteWerks layout with a filter, but that won't help if you're in QuoteValet (unless we got involved with Javascript).

It would be very easy to change the line attribute automatically via a script.

The logic would be something like:

If the QTY = 0 - set PrintLine=No

If the QTY <> 0 - set PrinteLine=Yes

(this could handle when items go from 0 to >0, or from items previously >0 subsequently changed to 0)

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