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Automatically do not print items with a 0 quantity

Is there a setting to not print items with a 0 quantity?  I know I can use line attributes to selectively do this and we do that but would prefer the 0 quantity option as it is simply faster and easier to train.

We have a long list of items in a template and go back and forth with the customer on which items to include in the final quote.  Messing with the attributes or deleting/adding products is cumbersome.



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You can control this easily enough on a QuoteWerks layout with a filter, but that won't help if you're in QuoteValet (unless we got involved with Javascript).

It would be very easy to change the line attribute automatically via a script.

The logic would be something like:

If the QTY = 0 - set PrintLine=No

If the QTY <> 0 - set PrinteLine=Yes

(this could handle when items go from 0 to >0, or from items previously >0 subsequently changed to 0)

Curious where and how do i implement the logic you provide above so that when i go to preview or print quantities with "0" will not?

Edit a layout

right-click on a detail section you want to suppress, 'Filter'


Thank-you however I'm struggling where and how exactly i input the above recommendation. See screenshot of the filtering of the detail section.  What should the entry look like when completed? Below is what is currently there.  


add to that .and.DocumentItems->QtyTotal<>0

That worked great – thanks!



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