What do the Done, Waiting, Addressed and Partial topic prefixes mean?

There are hundreds of feature suggestions on the QuoteWerks Forums. 

When the QuoteWerks Development Team reviews your feature suggestions, they may add a prefix to your Topic Name. This is used by them to know that they have reviewed your suggestion and tells them to either read further if there was an update to it or skip it and move on to the next feature suggestion.

Done - Means the suggestion was thoroughly described by the people making the feature suggestion and Development has or will soon implement the suggestion

Waiting - This typically means that the Development Team asked a clarifying question and they are waiting on a response. After a period of inactivity, this topic prefix, may change to Addressed.

Addressed - This prefix means multiple things. This could mean that the development team asked a clarifying question and the response did not follow our guidelines for submitting a feature. It could also mean that we discussed the topic with you and decided that there was not anything else to do at this time. If you see a topic with an Addressed prefix and want to add something to the topic, it is best to create a new topic and include a link to the older topic. If the Development Team sees an Addressed Prefix, they will in most cases no longer review the topic.

Partial - Means that we have partially addressed or implemented one or more of the suggestions in the topic.

We value your product suggestions. The QuoteWerks Development Team needs thoroughly thought out suggestions with real world examples when you submit your suggestions. Make sure you always follow these guidelines:  https://tickets.quotewerks.com/support/discussions/topics/9000053034